From the End of the world...

Founded on Rakiura / Stewart Island at the very bottom of New Zealand, We are a family owned and run company specialising in finest Merino Wool clothing.

We make all of our garments ourselves right here in NZ, and retail them exclusively through our own shops and website.

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Glowing Sky models at Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
Clothing patterns at our proudly NZ made factory

made by us in new zealand

In The Deep South of NZ we tend to be resourceful and self-reliant by nature. So ever since we started on our kitchen table we have been committed to keeping manufacture local and as much as possible doing it ourselves.

We passionately believe this ensures the best outcomes for both the quality of our clothing and the well being of our communities.

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Wearing merino wool

Merino Wool is Nature's super fibre - created by Nature to adapt Merino sheep to the extremes of their environment.

For unsurpassed luxurious comfort, adaptability to heat and cold, breathability, odour resistance, and ease of care, Merino is the perfect natural year round choice.

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Natures super fibre, merino wool
Merino wool display at Wanaka show

our wool

We proudly use the Worlds leading quality and ethical Merino Wool brand - 'ZQ', from our friends at The New Zealand Merino Company.

This ensures the highest standards of Animal welfare, Environmental sustainability, Quality of fibre, Traceability to source, and Social responsibility.

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Caring for the planet

On the remote pristine Island we founded Glowing Sky, a care for our environment, sustainability, and practical use and re-use of resources were a necessary and integral part of life.

And we were brought up to believe in quality and the value of things that last. So we've always been natural practitioners of slow fashion and low impact.

We've never really made a big fuss about it. It's just what we do.

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Caring for our planet. Doughboy Bay, Stewart Island, NZ