our wool

The Southern Alps. Our backyard, and where Merino Sheep are happiest.

To live in this extreme environment Merino have evolved a 'miracle' Wool that naturally adapts to blistering heat or freezing cold.
Fabric made from Merino Wool shares the same properties, making it the perfect natural choice for year round comfort and performance.

Photo: Aoraki & Merino sheep. Andris Apse

Merino Sheep grazing at Aoraki/Mt Cook New Zealand
The 18 micron merino wool we make our Glowing Sky garments from

Premium Merino

We proudly use only premium renewable, biodegradable, sustainable ZQ Merino Wool supplied by our friends at The New Zealand Merino company.

ZQ is the Worlds leading Ethical Merino Wool brand. Certification is based on strict standards of Animal welfare, Environmental sustainability, Quality of fibre, Traceability to source, and Social responsibility.

Our Farmers

Being South Island locals like ourselves, many of our Farmers are also our customers and friends.
So we understand just how hard working and passionate they are about the remarkable land and animals they farm.

Up in The Alps, everything is extreme, and success in producing fine Wool depends on a deep respect and partnership with nature, land and Sheep.

The growers that live this life are true local heroes.

Photo: High Country muster

Farmer mustering merino sheep in the New Zealand High country
Cutting edge merino fabric knitting machine, Designer textiles.

our fabrics

Almost all the fabric we have ever used has been supplied by our friends at Designer Textiles, a NZ Company based in Auckland.

Designer Textiles were pioneers in fine Merino fabric, and today are the World leaders in quality and innovation. Simply, we believe the fabric they make for us is the Worlds finest.

Designer Textiles strive for the highest standards of Social and Environmental Sustainability and have both ISO 9000:2015 and Blue Sign System Partner accreditation.

Photo: Knitting machine, Designer Textiles.