Merino Hand Warmers

$25.00 NZD

Inject fun and colour into your outfit. Merino fingerless gloves keep your hands toasty warm, while still allowing you to drive, type or text! Perfect gift – lightweight and one size. Available in multiple colours to match or highlight any outfit.

These are cunningly made from the spare fabric left over when our larger garments are cut, reducing wastage. They may be either 260 gsm (outer) or 195 gsm (mid). Both are warm, fun and versatile. However if you have a strong preference please leave us a message in your cart (before you go to checkout) and we will try to send the weight  of your choice.

Proudly made by us in the South Island of NZ from 100% Merino wool.

Style code: 36

SIZING: One size fits most

Colour: Ocean