Merino Outermost Hoodie

$255.00 NZD

This is a heavier weight version of our long time essential Outer Hoodie.
Company owner Dil had a test sample made a while ago, and just recently he realised that in colder weather he was wearing it all the time, so it was a definite 'must' for production!

The 340gsm 100% Merino fabric gives this hoodie some serious warmth and wind resistance. It's cut slightly longer than the Outer hoodie, and the hood is more snug to keep it up when there is a chill wind blowing. Deep pockets to hide your hands in also.

Will be a staple 'go to' in your wardrobe for many years to come.

Proudly made by us in the South Island of New Zealand from Outermost weight 340 gsm, 21 micron, ZQ ethically grown 100% Merino wool. 

Style code: 168


Colour: Navy