Merino Splitback Hood Cardigan

$229.00 NZD

Comes in just 2 sizes and is designed to be a loose fitting snugly piece as the cold weather descends. The hood is wide and can be lifted up at the back of the neck for added warmth. 

The back of the cardigan curves down longer at the back and the split detail gives a nice point of difference from the rear view.
It has deep pockets to thrust those cold hands into.

There are no fastenings, making it easy to slip on and allowing the outer weight merino to drape as it loves to, while there is plenty of fabric at the front there to pull around yourself in a cold wind.

Proudly made by us in the South Island of New Zealand from outer-weight, 260gsm, 21 micron, ZQ ethically grown 100% merino wool. 

Style code: 166


Colour: Ocean