Tech Merino Wind Resistant Long Sleeve

$119.00 NZD

For working or playing in the outdoors during the colder times of year, this long sleeve tech top is very hard to beat.

The high tech knitting technique blends Merino wool with nylon and a little bit of spandex, in a way that results in the layer against your skin being mainly Merino, and the outer layer being mainly nylon.

So the garment wears like Merino, but is almost completely windproof, making it super warm and comfortable to wear, either on its own or as a form fitting layer under other clothing.

Even the coldest Southerly or sneakiest winter draught won't penetrate this garment, and if you are caught out in rain it will still keep you warm and dry.

I have the original production sample which I've worn for 10 years. It remains the absolute core of my Winter outdoor layering, and is still in as new perfect condition. I absolutely recommend this garment to anyone looking for serious warmth and wind protection.

Proudly made by us in the South Island of New Zealand from a technical mix of 39% Merino wool, 45% nylon and 16% spandex.

Style code: 55

Colour: Charcoal